Cake Flavors

Vanilla Butter Cake - can be flavored with any extract 

Vanilla Pound Cake - can also be flavored

Devil’s Food Cake - super moist chocolate cake

Banana Cake - nuts optional

Red Velvet- a Southern classic

Carrot Cake- pecans or walnuts/golden raisins

Cake Fillings

Swiss Buttercream - can be flavored with extracts, fruit curds or chocolate

Cream Cheese 

Chocolate Ganache - a rich dark chocolate mixed with cream

Chocolate Mousse – white, malted milk or dark*

Peanut Butter Mousse*

Caramel Mousse*

German Chocolate - a traditional filling made with coconut and pecans

Curds - made with fresh fruit and juices





Cookies and Vanilla Pastry Cream 

Banana Cream with Caramel

* Mousses cannot be used as toppings or finishes for cakes.

Cake Finishing

All cakes are finished with all butter vanilla buttercream. Details can be done in gumpaste or fondant.

Cheesecake Flavors


Key Lime


Berry Swirl


Chocolate Pumpkin



Assorted Pies and Tartlets

Lemon or Lime Meringue

Bourbon Pecan 

Banoffee- ( banana-toffee) 

Apple Caramel Streusel

Chocolate Cream

Banana Cream 

Fruit and Vanilla Bean Cream

Cake Sizes and Prices- All Occasion Cakes

6 inch - $40.00

8 inch - $50.00

10 inch - $65.00

12 inch - $80.00


Mini Cupcakes- $1.25 per piece/Standard Size Cupcakes- $2.75 per piece

1 DOZEN minimum for cupcakes

Quarter sheet, half sheet and full sheet cakes also available.


Wedding Cakes-$5.00 per serving 


Shaped cakes have an additional fee of $25.00 per hour of labor.

Deliveries have a fee of $25.00.

Kiawah Island and outer areas run $50.00